What the news? frightfully quiet in here…:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like they’re all packing up and buying Harleys:w00t:

Go wash your mouth out CM!


I’ll make some more noise once I’ve got my clutch sorted!!

(and the decompression lever, sidestand, battery, oil change…) :w00t:

So how many times did you touch the edge of sanity on Sunday?

From what I saw, it was too much to count!!

sunday was cooooooooooooooooool & stunTER & sneaky worked together like the SAS when approaching any main junctions:w00t:

too bloody wash your mouth out cm

if any of us supermoto lot ever got seen on a hog we’d be banished from ever goin on the breakfast run

You’re BANISHED!:sick:

Were’nt too bad? I had a feel for how much grip that there might be and then stayed on the island? I have not ridden for a bit and am not a natural. So I need to work my way in. Had fun tho!:DImmediately it was apparent that you know how to take a corner! I was looking forward to seeing you attack some of those lanes, but we got dashed by your frigging clutch:satisfied: I take my hat off to you for just getting on with it. Many riders would have just called the tow truck, not ridden on for about 7o miles grinning! The making of a Tarder if ever I saw one! :cool:

please dont george banishe me:crying: i promise i’ll NEVER sit on 1 of them “hill billy hogs” again.

dhofty (02/01/2008)

Sorry m8, your words!:stuck_out_tongue:


The Riot looks almost clean here!:blush: Unlike that blokes leathers!



dont you wish m8:D:P also noticed how the 660 & 530 looked away from the riot when i took the pic:D i think there jealous

who"s the little fat bloke with brad??:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats The Semi Bionic Jazz Mag, I’d be a lot more polite than that if I were you!:pinch: He’s a mean ombrae!:exclamationmark:

that backfired didnt it… i thought it was daz!!!:hehe:

hey:angry: i may be little & poddgy but… :doze: yeh ya be right:P

even the bloke in hein gericke said, why dont your leathers button up:pinch:looks like i’ll be on the dry rivitas on the sunday rideouts from now on

Thats all we have anyway - honest darling! (in case the wife drops in?):Whistling:

Nah, look at the that ol’slab-side Susuki. Its just the mens bikes look’ya in the eye, they dont turn away. The Riot has a tarmac rippling 39hp dont forget!:cool:

i have ordered these for the gang

:w00t: Mine’ll be a XXSML pleasey!:smiley:

I feel like i got a little pregnant belly after all that christmas nosh, so next sunday i shall mostly be eating melon and mango for breakfast (yeah Right):sick: