Slow Cooker

I miss my gramdmother’s soups and stews, and was wondering how difficult it is to use a slow cooker? Anyone got any experience with these? Can I just chuck stuff in before I go to work and it will be done when I get home?

Hey Fridayman, yes you can throw what ever you fancy in there… I have used one and a pressure Cooker for years you will find many receipies on line…

Have fun !

Ann x

ahhh slow cookers are amazing! We have an electric one - I put it on in the morning when I leave for work and my stew is ready when I get home and the meat is sooooo tender!

Dead easy to use - especially the ones with the automatic timers.


Excellent! Thanks

One more question though - which one do I get? They all seem to be more or less the same except for size.

We have the cheapest one with a timer that Argos could offer and it’s been fantastic for 3 years now.


What! Is this a euphenism to say that Ness’s cooking is crap

This a just as bad as my Thread about fridges.

Can`t wait to see what Flatout will say.

any, they all work just as well, mine is more than 10 years old… Invest if you can in a pressure cooker, tender meat in twenty mins from scratch, soup in 10, great when you have forgotten to put the slow cooker on !

LOL! I’ll pick my words very carefully here… I’d like to share some of the cooking responsibilities

Ha ha, I am sure he will like the tender meat !

Can you get electric pressure cookers?

err no…

Although being a smart pants one day I put mine on top of the stove with a bit of force (it was heavy) and I cracked the ring and a nice big blue flash went through the pot, hey does that mean I invented the first electric pressure cooker !

Right, I’m off crockpot shopping!

shhhhh! can’t you see he’s about to take over cooking dinner every night?!

For all of us… Oh goody ! I will have stewed steak please…

With Dumplings I hope…eh Debz?;):smiley:

Why are you talking about Debz dumplings, what do you think Grim will say when he reads this.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you had bothered to get your ar$e to the Coach and Horses the other night you’d have known my problem with Debz dumplins;):P:D

If Chunks aint careful he will get some Aunt Bessies dumplings shoved where the sun dont shine :w00t:

Wouldn’t that be a party trick to behold?:w00t::P:D