Slocombes Neasden gone? how good is the replacement?

Does anyone know what happened to Slocombes motorcycles at Neasden?
I could not find any information about why/how they disappeared and there seems to be a new dealership, Omega Yamaha, where they were located.
I’m wondering if anyone tried the new dealership - particularly for servicing Yamaha bikes (I’ve had my MT-09 serviced with Slocombes for several years).


For what it’s worth SLOCOMBES OF LONDON MOTORCYCLES LIMITED changed it’s name to Omega so it should be the same company - or the origional owners sold out and the new owners aren’t as good…Slocombes has been around for decades - I remember it in the '60s selling BSAs and Triumphs etc etc

Yeah Slocombes was very good. They became a BMW dealer, and then Honda. I had my Varadero125 serviced there, and got my CBF500 from them as well. They were very good.

They lost the Honda franchise in during the last recession when Honda made strict new rules on having the Franchise. Ray Slocombe told them to fuck off. They became a Moto Guzzi dealer, and Derbi as well.

I’m pretty sure that Slocombes was part owned by the guy who owned the Yamaha dealers in North London that kept burning down.

That’s interesting, thanks for the background.
For what it’s worth I’ve had my bike serviced with them shortly after posting.
The garage is a different one and staff are all different, though they said one of the mechanics stayed with them. I think the showroom is the same store, but have not been there.

Their service was good and very reasonably priced, so I think I’ll be going back, even though it’s not the same business.

Rex Judd was the Yamaha dealers. That’s a blast from the past.

Rex Judd, I grew up in Edgware and used to go in there as a kid to get brochures and be a nuisance. Got my Raleigh Record in the cycle shop there when I was 13.

Always loved bikes, just forgot about it for 20 years.

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In the Summer of 1970 my older brother Scott and three of his friends bought bikes at Slocombe’s. I recall seeing a receipt from a shop on Neasden Lane for a BSA 650 Lightning. They rode around Europe for about 10 weeks and got as far South as Lisbon and as far East as Vienna for a Rolling Stones concert… then back to London and sold the bikes back used to Slocombe’s and flew home. I recall this because I loaned my brother $500 to make the trip and it took him more than a decade to repay the loan.


Hammonds,Cirencester.glos. Yamaha dealers closing end of March
after 60+years service to motorcyclists.
Another sad loss.