Slippy Slidy winter coming

What do you reckon,

Right or wrong?

I have got my sledge ready, I believe its going to be bad. Slipper gets ready to sliiiiide :Wow:

well, i remember being in wales in oct with Mark and Ang and reading on the daily express “freezing Britain” coming in 2 weeks… erm yeah!!! lol:laugh:

Bring it on, first winter with RWD car

Wot, this bit from the webpage ?

“One final note, I certainly never said anything about WIDESPREAD heavy snowfall in October, or Siberian temperatures to hit us in weeks. These are headlines to grab your attention, the quotes within the articles from myself read somewhat differently. Although I am very grateful to the Daily Express who have sufficiently raised enough awareness of another cold and snowy winter”

i see a hedge in your future… :smiley:

yeah, but he won’t… it’ll be behind him as he goes backwards through it. Remember, RWD = backwards through the hedge, FWD = straight on through the hedge, and 4WD = cheating!

oh what fun it is to ride…

Glad my old Landy is in fine fettle:)

Mind you on TWO they reckon it could well be warmer than the last few years…

We reckon Slipper1 is scared of snow & putting up excuses in advance for when he hibernates;)

I’ve ridden through the last 2 winters, only off I had was due to diesel and we landed in a snowbank :slight_smile:

Aw, my Cinquecento was great in the snow - light, front wheel drive, used to skip over the icy bits. Sold her to get my bike… might regret that :stuck_out_tongue:

snow is fun on a bike. Just not when you’re 18miles from home :smiley:

Snow is great fun on a bike if its a trials bike and you are riding around on a quarry near Edinburgh :slight_smile: