Slippery Roads

The rain has just started, there is loads of diesel out there so take care - I have just passed a biker being attended to at the junction of Clapham Road (A3) and Handford Rd outside the Police HQ. Not sure what happened, but I didn’t see ac ar involved - it is the same place I saw a girl knocked off a Van Van recently. The police had closed half the road so the queue went back to Stockwell.

I then saw a cyclist come off just in front of the van I was following on Kennignton Rd (A23) at the junction with Crosser St. Nothing hit him, the bike just slipped from under him on the wetted road. I stopped to assit (I know - it is a habit of mine) - he had dislocated a shoulder. Fortunatly, this person chose a Police HQ to crash outside of and before I could get my phone out there were police in attendance calling for an ambulance.

The roads are very slipepry - so keep it safe!

Aye, some monkey hasn’t realised they’ve got a diesel leak and has left a huge trail from Clapham to Kennington on the A3