Slipper Clutch Question

Hi All,

Got a quick question. I’ve got a TSS 48tooth slipper clutch on my 996.

The friction plates need replaced but the only site i can find selling direct replacement packs is (german). I don’t necessarily have a problem with that but shipping is going to take ages and i was hoping to have it ready to take to the MotoGP this weekend.

I can find sites selling 48 tooth kits for STM clutch and i was wondering if this would work for me.

Any in sight greatly appreciated.


Best bet is to phone the manufacturer or supplier and ask the question.

Just incase its of any use to any one a STM 48tooth clutch pack is compatible with the TSS clutch

I can’t speak for all German companies but when I’ve ordered from Germany it gets here the same time as if I ordered it from up Norf’. I’ve ordered a few times with no probs.