Slingshot Rebuild..Pt 1

just an update on how im getting on…;).


Nice one Smiled . . . almost a tear in my eye!

Well done on getting the courage to put her back together again – she’s gonna look gorgeous! :slight_smile:

Nice one - classic gixxer or what! Nice choice of music too. I can tell you have a real bond with this bike. :cool:

Good video,

(p.s i’ll let George know, he might have some spare time next week/weekend.)

hey sid…and fanks zeus!!!;).

yea a few years ago when my mum passed away comp out of the blue…she left me just enough money to get my DAS done and to get a cheap bike…

well…i did my DAS…and searched for a old GSXR 7fugger and found this one…she had been neglected and it was almost as if life had givven up on her…but i fell in love in a heartbeat…:wink:

i bonded strait away with it and almost obsessed with it as it was kinda a part of my mum…(if that makes any sence)…

i think it was part of a greiving process that i concentrated so much on it…and i guess it helped me in more ways than one…

it just reminds me that even when your at your lowest of the low…your dreams can still come true…

and i know its only metal…but i really do care for this bike…:)…and i would never let anyone own this bike again…

ok…sniffy bit over now…:D.


No matter what happens, hold onto that bike – I’ll bet your Mum would be very proud.

Very good Shane - rather touching as well :wink:

On a side note , what ever happened to the " RM MotoX " bike you were doing up ?? - did you ever finish it or is it still " work in progress " ?


Good to hear your getting her back together. :slight_smile:

So your not breaking it then :smiley:

Nice one Shane, be good to see it back on the road :cool:

Can’t wait to see it back to it’s former glory! :wink:

Wow - if that’s not a labour of love then I don’t know what is! Great vid - looking forward to seeing her back on the road :slight_smile:

good on ya for putting that beauty back together again, hard to think i was only 6 when that was made!

yay :smiley: looking good mate, cant wait till shes alive again. will take more sexy photos :smiley:

Excellent vid mate and good to hear you’re putting the bike back together :slight_smile:

hurray for shanes gixer7fiddy-K. be good to see you out on her again.

think it should be a weekend bike from now on m8. NO MORE TAKING IT TO WORK!!! :wink: :smiley:

cheers for the comments all…really good to hear some support even tho at times…ive worked on it for a good 8 hours strait and it dont look like ive got much done…:).

si i was on the road to doing up that RM 125 then i had my accident…bummer eh?

you bet froggy pants…just a weekend worrior for this lil urchen mate…lol…

glad your at home…will call you in a jiffy;).


Nice one