Slingshot racing stolen bike list

Obviously track bikes but I know there are some Trade people on this site too who may see something suspicious…

Suzuki GSXR 1000k6 Vivaldi Superbike. Motec M880, ADL Sportdash,Ohlins FG670 Fluted gas forks,Brembo monoblocs,Fabtech S/Arm,Fabtech seat sub,Carbon Bodywork,16.5" 5 spoke Dymags,Full Yoshi etc etc

Kawasaki 2006/7 ZX10 Superbike, Ex Nick Medd, White,Green,Black.Motec M800,Aim top spec Logger MXL Dash,WP Superbike forks, Brembo monoblocs,Full Ti Akropovic,Big rad,Harris S/arm,16.5" 5 Spoke Green Dymags,Brembo discs,Ti bolts,Carbon airbox

Kawaski ZX10 2005 Ex Nick Medd ,full Ti Akropovic,Big Febur rad,Harris S/Arm, 16.5" 3 spoke Green Dymags, Brembo discs,Carbon air box,Immaculate v v quick

Honda RS250 1995 Ex Alastair Baily ,Silver and blue, 1998 Thro tank bodywork,good condition, std exhausts . a good one

Honda CBR600RR 2003, Genuine Padgetts bodywork,Penske shock, full Arrow system, Power commander,Sigma slipper, plus all the usual,rearsets 520 etc etc

Honda CBR600RR 2004, Mint bike,race can, Red white black paint work,Moto GP Trick looking tail unit, Bright Gold rearsets,Braided line etc etc

Honda CBR600RR 2003, Black and red with Redfurn in graphics on it, Std shock, rearsets,line full system etc etc Sprint damper…

Honda CBR600 Sport 2001/2, Ohlins shock, red tank,black bodywork, HRC Kit loom ,ign, clocks, full system,rearsets etc etc

Also some 16.5" Green DYMAGS, OZ Black 17" new GSXR Rims, CBr600rr frame and still looking…

Any info much appreciated, please bare in mind they may well be stripped for parts,
All but two are on my web site with big detailed pics if you double click.

Thanks again everyone, If you could paste this around please do. Heres hoping the biking community can help,
Jim 07980 749925

ALL these bikes were robbed??? HOW?? If they were all lifted, that just f**kin awful!!

Hi shop was broken into. Yep. Pretty crap.

Jesus Christ, thats insane and not an off the cuff theft at all…Just been looking on their site… that gixxer1000 was for sale for £15,000… realistically, if you broke that bike, how much would you get for it?I’m actually speechless about this… the guy must be suicidal…

There’s some serious kit there. I hope they find the thieving barstewards soon.

Some really amazing bikes on there site. Love the BSB spec RR. Some real specialize kit.

Hope they find the scum who did it.

Absolute scum that did this :frowning:

Can you insure race bikes against theft?

I hope the guy gets some money back or the bikes returned.

Holy crap!!! Jim will be spewing!!! :crazy:

Hope they recover some of them at least

That is just crazy, definitely a planned operation, let’s hope that stuff like that cannot get into the market without somebody knowing about it.

My bet - Probably already overseas, probably europe. To easy to chuck them in a lorry and whizz them over the channel, might be where a lot of bikes are going…

Europe is not necessarily overseas dude!

I don’t think these bikes will be sold complete or even necessarily shipped anywhere.

Keep an eye on ebay and watch for listings of some trick bike components is what I reckon.

They would have to be mad to put it on ebay, if they used any of the trick part keywords that would get the best price, people would pick up on it instantly, as you can set up email alerts as to when certain parts come online. and theywould have to supply either an address and paypal account if they wanted to get paid.OK…should have said abroad :slight_smile: or under and overseas…?

they are all frightfully mad…they really should be taken out of society for good…but i fear with life over the next two years heading into the doldrums that things like this will just get worse…people will become very desperate…no excuse just fact…I hope i am wrong…

Professional hit by the sounds of it. They probably cased the place a few times…does the owner of the shop have saved CCTV footage? It would be worth looking through it over the past couple of weeks to see if the same people attend the shop or people looking suss cos they’re looking at the cameras as well as the bikes. Also be worth seeing if those people ever return to the shop once its open.