Slightly Larger Impromptu Ride out anyone...

Its 12:21 now.

Being freelance/self-unemployed, I can do whatever I like and the weather today MUST be used…

I am heading to Brighton at 13:30

Departure point Roundhay CLose (Se23 2NP)
Departure time 13:30

I won’t be returning as I have business down there, but if anyone has the time and fancies joining get in touch asap… departure time can be shifted within reason if 13:30 is too short notice.

Get in touch.

Route will be A23 to Purley, over the North Downs to Newchapel on the A22 then a micture of twisties and villages down to the coast…


I think I may start to hate you, lol!
Sitting in the office in the city all I want is to go out :frowning:


What is it you work as freelancer/self-employed?

Englisches Redakteur fuer NDR Studio London

NDR? Ach du Scheisse! haha, kidding :wink:
not bad :slight_smile:

anywho, enjoy your riding out and think of all the folks at the work place wishing to be out too!

ah well, back to bein billy no mates eh.
I knew that moment of popularity wouldn’t last…

Anyhoo, enjoy your hard working lives… I’m off to ride in the sun with some kickin tunes on and my shades!

Laters losers! :slight_smile:

Cut off your hair, worked for me :w00t:

Viel Spass!

+1 hands up for me :frowning:

Well the ride out was mega… I avoided being pulled over by plod no less than 4 times. 2 marked cars and one unmarked on the M23 down plus a handheld radar gun… someone was smiling over me.

Brighton was as awesome as expected.

Then late night twisties coming home… trails of spoooky fog over drifting over empty country roads! Nothing vision blocking just wispy and cool… UTTERLY AWESOME

Today is Friday, SUNNY, and I’m still unemployable… anyone want to suggest a rideout today that’s free… let me know, let’s go use this MEGA late summer weather before that slag called winter pops round! :smiley:

I am too late for ti - but may be up for something on Monday . . . . Wether should be pretty good too!

Sorry, workin this week… makes a change eh… oh and I’ve arranged for the sun to be switched of too. Wouldn’t wanna waste good riding weather whilst I’m sat in an office all day would I? :hehe: