Slight Collision this Morning!

Driving to work this morning down Euston Road. Just before you go under the flyover and approaching the 30mph speed camera, lights changed to red. I stopped in the outside lane (to the left of the outside lane but definitely still fully in the lane and came to a stand still). Cars in the lane to the left hand side of me also stopped and i had my feet on the floor (still within my lane). Notice a car creeping towards me in my lane in my mirror at which point i asumed he was stopping as he was going very slow.

Next thing i know he scrapes the edge of my exhaust moving at about walking pace. I immediately look at him and check my bike for damage. He gestures as if to say sorry at which point i look at the side of his bumper and notice a scratch where he has scraped along oner of the rivets on the exhaust. As a result i pull over to make sure there is no more damage (which there wasn’t) and under the assumption that he will pull over as well. He then drives on which i have no real problem with as there is no damage to my bike.

I got his registration and the make and model just to cover my back.

Do i need to do anything to prevent any possible problems??

im suprised you didnt knock him out:laugh:

He never stopped.

Report him for not stopping at the scene of an accident.

^^ yes that.

Go and report it yourself and he could get charged.

or the cops could sing the “no evidence” tune, forget about it and next time kick their doors in :smiley: