Sliding patio door rollers - Help needed pleasey

I need new rollers for our patio doors. Can someone advise where to get them pleasey?



Would a patio door roller replacement shop be the best place to start? :laugh:

try these

Thanks Dusty

I was hoping for somewhere a lil’closer to home East London, Holborn, Romford). I was hoping to take the roller to somewhere local to match them up. :slight_smile:

Thank you Lewis…you thought of that all by yourself, didn’t you!:smiley:

they might be manufacturere specific. is there a name brand anywhere on the frame? If not, take a photo of the door side-on and post it up. I could help from there.

Try here,Good luck

This what you looking for …

London East Security
639-643 Romford Road
Manor Park
E12 5AD
Tel: 0208 553 9000
Fax: 0208 4777 599
Email: [email protected]

DG Supplyline Ltd LINKY HERE

I deal with tis sort of thing regularly and every manufacturer is different. It can be a pain, thats why I generally dont do this sort of work. I do have aluminium window/door specialists that could help. :cool:

I personally haven’t seen that specific roller yet though…


Your tape measure looks broken mate - all the numbers are upside down :smiley:

Oh yeah! First the fuggin door breaks, then the wifes tape measure?

cool bro

will get back to you. :slight_smile:

Kinda looks like ‘The Riot’! :hehe: windows (above) based in Crouch end.

they have a similar type…

wheel width is 7.5mm

total width is 17mm and the top locating pin is 32mm from the LHS edge. From the photo that you have posted

failing this you can send the part to them in the pose with all your details and they will sent it to their manufacturers who can supply you with the part.

probs looking at £15 to £20 for the replacement part :smiley: - they’re in clerkenwell

More fab LB posts, fanx gang!:kiss:

I’ll let you know how I get on:)

I took your photo down to them. They can get the roller in. They sell 5 different types/sizes and there are more out there. Thats why they need the original. Try the measuremente that I gave. There is a different one in stock, but if it works then you’re quids in :slight_smile:

Your a star m8!