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Greetings from the sunny Isle of Man. (Yeah right !)
Hi Jay…You might remember me …I was Brian Nicholsons mechanic in the 80’s @ Honda and we also started going racing together 1984 onwards.
Basically thought id look at your website as Brian mentioned it he was on it. …site looks really spot on…Good Job !! some lovely girls in your club !
Thought your members might be up for some winter race tuning ?
If you remember Carl Fogarty in his heyday with 4 WSB championships well his Race Mechanic Tony “Slick” Bass lives here on the Isle of Man.
Slick was also Steve Hislops,Joey Dunlops ,Scott Russells, Michael Rutters mechanic over the years to name just a few .
He spent years with Honda UK, Norton before going to Ducati WSB team.
He has a tuning workshop complete with dyno over here which he has been running for three years.
Tuning successes are predominantly based around TT,MGP,NW200 wins.
He does a lot of the top Irish lads bikes for the TT.
He is doing the development work for Pierre Riba and the MSS Kawasaki team next year.
Tuning TT Racer Paul Hunts (Big H) K5 1000 GSXR he is getting 180 bhp at the back wheel
and as an example Honda CBR600 RR 130 BHP guaranteed @ back wheel before mapping.
He is though superb at tuning ANY make /model of bike.
His figures are not bumped up like a lot of tuners claims by the way ! also his motors are reliable .
TT Race successes speak for themselves! Plus his knowledge of all other aspects of machine set up ie. suspension,tyres,gearing etc etc is obviously available to customers.
Anyway just a thought if any of your members were after a tune for racing or track day maybe they should consider giving slick a call for a price before going elsewhere.
You will get a great job,@ a good price from one of the best bike mechanic/tuners in the World. Hes also a great guy !
(Just ask Brian Nicholson!)
Hes also got stacks of race bits /engines etc for sale: eg. 2004 Honda CBR600 RR Engine 130BHP Just completely rebuilt , was a manx grand prix engine. £3000
Swop it for your stock engine, and sell the stock one for £1500 in MCN… …ideal track day bike .
His contact details are :

Anthony " Slick" Bass

01624 882271
07624 428049

[email protected]

PS. For any of you enduro/mx fans Check out isle of man resident -2005 Factory KTM rider WORLD ENDURO CHAMPION : David Knights website :
All the best…