oh its so on…

got to get me some of those… social life and work…


Week long party!

The problem is that its the lying in bed bit that i enjoy… No pill can replace that.

24h racing, Full use of holidays, I can see the goodness on it! lol

Good for my free time, however i think work places may use it against people!!!Not good, think they should leave it well alone.Maybe the only good use for it would be for the forces in combat type situations,provided it keeps you alert!!!Quite fightning when you think of HGV drivers etc missusing it.

Old news
Give me 50 quid and i’ll giva ya something to keep you up all night :wink:

furk that i love climbing into my bed and staying there for Hours and sleeping in anyway a pill that only gives you two hours kip i think they invented that already its called Viagra

me 2

God, I hope my employers don’t find out about this, they’d add it to the water supply!

Noooooooooo , They cann’t get rid of the Bed ever… I wont give in!!! Do u hear me??? Never i say, never!!!