Slan's avatar is in poor taste :(


We wish to send your avatar to room 101 as we lived through the nuclear threat in the 1960s and don’t find this very funny.

It’s OK for you young’uns to laugh but if you had to live through the time of the four minute warning, go with your Mum to learn how to make field ovens to feed the survivors of a nuclear attack and live with blankets, bottled water and tinned food stashed under yer table in case of threat, you wouldn’t find it so funny. Think on.



I could add to this one morning when every kid at my school get a spoon of Lugol.


Fair point well made.

When the wind blows …

I’m told its a musical reference

Sorry Slan, room 101 all the same :wink:

Ha ha, ffs.

leave it up Slan.

I think someone was drinking last night :laugh:

Well we did apologise:Whistling: (in advance)

But we still think Room 101 for Slan:)