SKY TV Offer

Some of you already have SKY and some of you will hate the idea of having Sky, however i have just recieved an email stating our latest Friends and Family offer.

The offer ends 10th March and must be activated by the 17th March.

If your interested then drop me a PM and i will see about organising it for you.

Sky TV OfferFree Sky+HD box Free standard set-up (save £30/€30) Half price Sky TV for a year (save up to £312/€456) Half price HD Pack for a year (save £61.50/€90) Half price Multiroom for a year (save £61.50/€60) Save up to £465 (€636) Can’t get Sky TV? Then they could enjoy our great broadband deal:

Sky Broadband OfferHalf price Sky Broadband Unlimited* for a year when you take Sky Talk with Sky Talk Line Rental *Customers must be in a Sky On Net area to receive Sky Broadband. Up to 20Mb Broadband availability is subject to your location. Speeds vary with location and line quality.

I thought Jay had removed all the spammers lol :stuck_out_tongue:

He tried;)

hmmm were thinking of skipping over to Sky… I’ll have a word mate. Thanks

ive just done a deal with them, after a 2 hr convo and row yes 2 hr, but guess who came off better :slight_smile:


PM Sent