Ski clothing

Planning to go skiing in Lake Tahoe (usa) in January and just wondered if anyone has ski clothing sitting around doing nowt? After long leg (36-38) trousers and jacket (xl). Or can anyone point in the direction of cheap clothing?

Ta very much., Dan.


Depends on your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune! Personally I just wear gore trooz and jacket over some warm tracky bumms and a fleece. IIWU I’d head up to Cotswolds to their Rock Bottom section where you can pick up last seasons or end of line stuff for up to 50% off. There is one in Covent Garden I think.

Hope that helps.

Spearsy, try “Decathlon” in Surry Quays, even if you are not close, believe me it is worth travelling to.
Actually, they are probably on the net, but skiing clothes you have to try on.
Also, if you are close to any TK Maxx, while ago, I saw some really good skiing gear there(for men and women). All big names with up to 60% off. I got myself a pair of waterproof, windproof breathable trousers (for the scooter), size 16 year old-£16.99. They are great, better than any other that I have seen in the bike shops, but still sitting in the wardrobe :slight_smile: