This is amazing.

SKATEISTAN: TO LIVE AND SKATE KABUL from Diesel New Voices on Vimeo.

Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul is a beautifully shot film that follows the lives of a group of young skateboarders in Afghanistan. Operating against the backdrop of war and bleak prospects, the Skateistan charity project is the world’s first co-educational skateboarding school, where a team of international volunteers work with girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 17, an age group largely untouched by other aid programmes.

Great stuff Nivag, thanks!

Nice to see that they encourage girls to pick up the sport too. These kids are Afghanistan’s future leaders and hopefully through projects like these, will learn valuable skills such as leadership, team building and communication, which can only benefit the country as a whole.

That was a great little video! :slight_smile:

I think projects like that are amazing, and the people that are over their risking their lives to provide the training and facilities are an inspiration. It’s the only way to rebuild a country where the older generations have been too scared of Taleban rulers to actually allow children to be children.

Hopefully these kids will grow up knowing what it means for children to be able to achieve, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl. :wink:

Sort of gives you hope doesn’t it?! :slight_smile:

It’s one of the few projects I’ve seen run anywhere in the world that looks promising. Yes there are plenty that do good work and provide food and water to those that need it, but as it’s been said to provide some sort of what we take for granted and allow the kids to have fun and to hopefully learn that the world is not all about fighting is a good thing.