Size 60 (44” waist) biker trousers


So, I’ve lost a lot of weight, and am left with some bike kit I can’t use. I was wondering if anyone who wears larger gear would be interested in buying some of it. Very decent gear, it’s a shame for it not to be used.

  • Dainese Leather trousers
  • Rukka armoured over-trousers
  • Spada two-part winter textile trousers
  • GrinFactor full Kevlar jeans

They are all marked as Size 60, and they all fit me well when I had a 44” waist. Now that I am down to a 36” waist, they look somewhat ridiculous (especially the leathers!).

The leather trousers I wore perhaps 30 times in total — only on ride-outs, where they made me feel better about making progress :slightly_smiling_face:. The Rukka trousers were worn over smart trousers when working in Canary Wharf - park the bike, take the overtrousers off and look smart enough get into the building - day about six months cumulative of summer commuting over a few years. The spada textiles were my standard winter biking gear, comes with inner liner, very warm and very waterproof. The Kevlar jeans were my day to day bike jeans. All are in very good condition.

To be clear — I’m interested in someone local who will come along, try them on, offer me a fair price, and take them away happy. I don’t want to post them, put them on eBay or send them to Nigeria along with a cash sum for the difference when pre-paid by signed cheque.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch via PM here or via the LB FB group.