Sixth Sense or Mental Acuity?

So, very short story.

I am riding in London traffic, it isn’t rush hour, but still requires filtering. Going along quite quickly about 20mph through large gaps good visibility, come to a large lorry and therefore slow down a tad.

All of a sudden, I know I have to brake. So I do of course.

Not sure why exactly at this point, just had this overwhelming urge that I had to brake.

Passing the lorry at about 3mph and some guy appears out of nowhere, almost on top of the bike. Luckily I am going pretty slow and nothing comes of the incident, just one of those things that makes you jump.

Now did I see something? Did my brain pick up on something, a shadow perhaps? Did I see other drivers looking at him, a reflection in a car window? Something which alerted my brain, subconsciously, to the fact that he was there. Not consciously cause I was shocked, he made me proper jump, but somewhere in that quiet part of the brain that affects decisions.

Or was it a sixth sense? Paranormal, mind over matter hocus pocus thing going on?

What do you reckon?

I ask cause obviously your reply sort of sets up what type of person you are, whether you believe that strange stuff happens in the world or whether you are more practical, science based, matter of fact about things.

For me, I think my brain must have seen something, somewhere, I don’t know what it is, but that is my belief.

i think if more down to ‘expectations’ i.e. knowing that something may happen and reacting to that.

edit if only you could apply the same to some of your posts… :w00t: :hehe:

Yeah, filtering past HGVs in heavy traffic, I’d say most of us are pretty much expecting something/someone to come out of nowhere, especially from in front of larger vehicles - people think they’ve cleared traffic from the right as they cross (e.g. your stationary/slow moving lorry) and are glancing left across the other lane, not thinking about filtering bikes. Happens all the time.

It wasn’t sixth sense/paranormal or mind over matter, which is, as you said, just hocus pocus :slight_smile: