Situational Awareness

Whats wrong in this picture :hehe:

hint:- think outside the box :smiley:

She’s facing the wrong way round;):slight_smile:

I can’t see her Tit’s. :smiley:

That’s assuming she has any :wink:

the flaps are closed

whose :w00t:

Your eyesight is better than mine:w00t:

She has not learned that to get an airplane going in the morning, it’s best not to run outside before you’ve got dressed and try to move the propellers manually. It’s better to put on some clothes, get inside the plane and turn the engine on;) Easy Peasey:D

She kept her knickers on when sunbathing.

I get the feeling that I don’t want to find out

No chocs !!!

& her feet are filthy :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly :smiley: never hand-start an aircraft if the wheels are not chocked :stuck_out_tongue:

What do I win?
Can I give her a hand when she’s next down the airport? I’ll check her flaps too. For free.

Plus her arms seem to be the same length as her legs :blink:

Hels, there is nothing wrong with having long arms :blush:

Doesn’t the engine crank the other way as well? :wink:

Once the propeller starts her tits will be chopped off.

i don’t know, but great hair and a great body is all i can say.

Aside from the missing chocks … a big old radial like that is bound to have electric or inertial starter.

Area clear
Throttle 1/4 inch
Prop fine
Mixture rich
Carb heat on
Boost pump on
Mags both
… and hit the starter.

Check hair
Subtle check for fit guys watching…