Site to buy an Mp3 player on?

Any recommendations where I can get the best deal for an mp3 player? I’ve been recommended and Are there any others?

I’m after a Creative Zen Micro 6gb (pref in pink) but they seem to be around the £160 mark - gulp!

Paivi you go to Tothemham Court Road there are loads of shops selling MP3 players, never heard of a discount that worth the work to look for it though! I mean , the fight here is for around 10 quid less.

Tottenham court road armed with cash and walk round driving a hard bargain until you are fed up.

I just thought that you’re supposed to get all these amazing deals on the net, so I’d check exactly how people do it! Tbh, can’t see any good deals for that particular one. Trying to get the energy to head to the Tottenham Ct Rd and the pedestrians… I was trying to avoid going anywhere near a shop this Xmas!

I recko,if u can, wait till after xmas…

I may have to, as I just can’t face going in the crowds! I’m so used to living in my own little world inside my helmet!

Yep and you might get a little off in January too

Looks like the pink ones are all sold out on Dixons and Currys on line. try they’ve got black ones for £146


But I’m a girl… Pink would match my rosy cheeks, and red my personality! I think I’ll have to wait until the January sales to see if I can pick up a bargain instead of a penguin (I’m hoping to catch those ones this weekend!). May have to be the boring black, though. Sorry, meant to say, the ‘classic’ black!

Have you tried ebay Paivi?

OK, here’s the deal: I did check eBay but they seem ‘too cheap’. There are some white ones for £60 at the moment with one day left (at buy it now for £120), which seems a bit low for something that is retailing for £150 elsewhere.

Also, how do I know these are kosher? So they’re not fakes with no warranty?

Difficult one i reckon. Personally I would not buy from singapore et al. I just check feedback and make an informed decision. Did you notice I didn’t post you a link