Site outages


I’m aware of some broken images in posts. Working on it.


only had problems yesterday, all back to normal today. Thanks Jay.


Hey Jay - I’m grateful that we have London Bikers. If it’s down sometimes for maintenance, it’s no big deal. You’re a star for providing this service to us for free anyway.


Well said aceman. Er…I mean Aceman.


Very true


Thanks for all your understanding guys. If LB was profit generating then perhaps we could afford a better hosting platform, with high-availability and 24/7 support, but as it is, I have to do what I can, when I can and sometimes than means things go belly-up.


Is there a site donation page


No but thank you @Bigty that’s very kind.


Hi Jay
Logged in on tablet site is fine.
Viewing as guest on phone it works fine.
As soon as I hit log on button on phone I get the bad gateway message.