Site outages


is it me or does the site zone out at times ?
today clicked on London bikers and
got instead
also had a 404 page a few times


Me too


Yup happened to me about 3 times in the last couple of weeks


lets face it though …won’t be because of heavy site traffic and servers can’t cope …Unless is run on a zx81 .





I had that earlier took a screen shot as well…


Hi guys, you may from time to time see that Bad Gateway error message whilst we are performing an update of the website, though I do try to do this out of hours to minimise the impact, but I think it may have also been shown unexpectedly recently.

I’ve noticed some server performances issues lately that may be causing this. An issue with the database it seems. I’m going to call in some help to diagnose it. Sorry!


@TimR you should never see a Russian site when visiting LB! I would check your computer for malware if I was you.


Or dodgy browser extensions/toolbars.


Cheers @Jay that would explain it then.


The site is almost unusable for me, it’s sooooo slow to initially load the site and the bad gateway messages appear often.


Yes very slow initial loading for me as well Jay


yup, painfully slow for me today


Sorry guys. Will look at it today.


Sorry guys. Will look at it today.


Should all be fixed now!

Sorry for the extended outage! I had to perform an emergency server migration after resource problems with the last one. Much stress and many difficulties. The upside is we now have a BEAST of a server.


Ooh thats quicker …
Scanned and checked .nowt suspicious on phone.
And only time had da ru pages have been when trying to access lB


Seems much much faster than it was. Fingers crossed


Welcome back. I was getting withdrawal symptoms