Site copying - now resolved so move along

Well stone me if this bloke, Ahmet or SatanR1 to use his somewhat overblown tag, hasn’t been copying our features word for word and posting them on his little site with no indication where they came from never mind asking for permission.

Anyone got any practical advice on how to shut this joker down? I can’t watermark articles really but clearly something has to be done on our end too.

Please guys and girls, our material takes a lot of effort and work to create and thus we will take any similar ripping off very seriously. It’s bad enough with racers nicking images for their Facebook pages without this sort of thievery.

I suggest for starters those of you - and it includes your article Westie darhling - annoyed by this join me in spamming the hell out of his site.

****ing ***t :angry:

He’s got the cheek to put copyright satanR1 at the bottom of the page!

Gary did the same thing.

Yeah. He has left the link back to us on the header graphic, but that’s not enough to come the whole “I’m just publicising your site” clap trap. If it was MCN copying our stuff for that reason I’d be more tolerant!

We can all leave him a message here.

Ow and right here -

Or Twitter :!/SatanR1

fukkin cheek, how dare he use my article…

Just did a whois search and this is what was returned (might be worth complaining to one or both of the organisations):

MetServe Enterprises
Third Floor
152-156 Lower Clapton Road
Clapton, London E5 0QJ

Domain name: SATANR1.COM

Administrative Contact:
Enterprises, MetServe
Third Floor
152-156 Lower Clapton Road
Clapton, London E5 0QJ
Technical Contact:
Enterprises, MetServe
Third Floor
152-156 Lower Clapton Road
Clapton, London E5 0QJ

Registration Service Provider:
Fasthosts Internet Limited,
+44.8708883760 (fax)

he went to barcelona on a Buell as well? cool! :blink:

what a arse!

Lol who wrote that on his YT? That’s bit of a wronger.

He doesn’t actually post full articles on his site. All images link back to the articles on LB. Maybe someone should send him an email to ask for clearer credits before we leave comments on his blog/whatever.

And all mine! :crazy:



Maybe he should ask permission from those whose articles he is citing first?

Fair enough. I just think it’ll create unnecessary bad blood if people just go and post insults on his pages.

:smiley: sorry Andrew but when i mentioned it this morning, I could see you slowly simmering away, it is a cheek, go get em tiger :hehe:
He also has a facebook page … which is where the links were originally coming up :slight_smile:

Change your RSS feed to a new one and start posting hardcore p0rn on the old one :wink:

Wouldn’t you say that he was the one who cast the first ‘bad bloody’ stone?
I have posted comments, but not insults; spam is not necessarily insulting.
Spam is unsolicited email/ contact; my comments asking him to remove articles that I wrote may well be unsolicited, but it is his mistake for not soliciting permission first. End of.

I don’t think it matters who cast the first stone, casting stones back only makes us as bad as the person who cast the first one - let’s not give LB a bad image :slight_smile:

We have similar issues with the websites of the firm I work for; I will ask the people who deal with it re: the legalities of it all are and what we can do about it and post back / PM when I have some info

Well to his credit he answered my rather terse email by apologizing and promising to remove all articles - rss feeds or whatever.

So job is done and we can all cease with the hate mail ok?