Site Adverts

LB costs money to maintain, from things like the monthly fees for the ability to keep the site on the net, to expansion costs for things like flyers, stickers and the like. Therefore, we’ve been starting to implement an advertising plan across the site. Through some super high-tech jiggery, the ads are tailored to us as bikers, and a lot of the time, quite informative!

Please help support LB by clicking on the adverts as often as interest grips you. The adverts are at the top of every page, and also additional ones are in the news and article pages. Also new is a Google search box on the rest of the site, on the right-hand side, which allows you to find content on the web, and on the site. If you use this, and an advert takes your fancy, LB gets a small commision on this, so please use it! Thank-you for supporting LB!