Sir Bobby Robson has died :o(

Died today aged 76

Very sad day

R.I.P Sir Bobby:crying:

Damn !!

Nice bloke he was

RIP :crying:

He was my hero for taking Ipswich Town to the FA cup final and beating Arsenal… A sad loss

Even though it’s not unexpected given his long and public battle with cancer, the news of his death is extremely sad. He was a great manager and made you proud to support England at a time when there was very little in our game to cheer about.

RIP Sir Bobby :frowning:

A truely sad day…

I was up at uni in Newcastle when Bobby was there and I remember seeing him a few times while I was up there. He was always willing to chat to people and had the time of the day for the people that matter, the people that pay their hard earned cash in the bucket load to watch football.

I was only talking the other week with a mate about how frail he looks and how sad it is to see him like that.

RIP Bobby…You’ve given lots of fans lots to cheer about, thanks.

I remember that day, I was an Arsenal fan as a kid, my brother is a Hammer but was an honorary tractor boy for the day, took months before he let me live that defeat down! :pinch:

R.I.P Sir Bobby, a sportsman and a gent, a sad loss to football and to society, if only more people had his values the beautiful game wouldn’t be in the mess it is! :crying:

R.I.P English Legend

He was a great manager for us Newcastle Fans and was the best we had in my opinion.

RIP to a great man! :crying:

another reason, and by far the most important, for the toon army to be sad today.

RIP Bobby, one of the greats.

A great icon in the football world and he will be missed.


As a Town fan, very sad news. A great man.

RIP Bobby