Sintered or Organic for rear pads?

Going to change the pads on the rear of the CBR soon.

Not sure whats on there now, but what do people think?

I use the rear brake, but dont stomp on it.

Sintered are reportedly better performers, but you’ll pay for that in the form of increased disc wear.

Given it’s the aris end and pretty unimportant, I’d stay organic. But then I don’t know how you ride. - Sorted

I’ll give the organics a go, see if they soften up the rear braking so any rainy day panic stomps dont lock the rear as easily.

A mechanic advised me that my bike, which has ABS, should only have sintered pads used on the rear. Honda CBF1000, if that helps…

Thanks for the ino, I get that sintered have more bite, but as its the rear on an oldish bike I quite like the idea of the pads not being too powerful.