Single sided paddock stand?

Now that I’ve got the new beastie, I need a single-sided paddock stand for it. Anyone got any recommendations at all?


Cue Madscientist - I am sure she will know

Try Harris, it’s expensive but beautiful!!

Aye, the Harris ones do look absolutely gorgeous, but a bit on the steep side I think… I’d like to keep it under 100 quid if I could!!

Ermmm don’t know what mine is - it came with the bike and has no makers stickers on it. Works ok tho

Champion, scorpion or abba.

ps: They arent band names.


Was gonna say that it was probably pushing band merchandising a bit far

You can get a few different makes under £100.00 from

i need one for my vfr aswell

Well for your suggestion i would recommend a site.

motohart (12/05/2009)

Well for your suggestion i would recommend a site.[/quote]

And i would recommend looking at the date;):smiley:

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