Sincere For Host

I dont really know how to say this but i nominate Sincere for host she is an amasing person with a good sence of humor and a lovely personality she helps you when you down and she always on the end of a phone, as for this i nominate her for host

well i second that! shes amazing!!

what is she amazing in bed then well sorry although you splet with her you wouldnt know

sorry is splet a new word?!

i’ll have a bit of that!!! and the nomination…hahahahaha…

yep got my vote as always!!!


my vote too :slight_smile:

Yes from me

does she want to be a host ??? o well it looks like shes going to be anyway…sincere gets my vote

She can have my vote anytime.

So here it is

Just one little thing that bothers me a little bit though…

…says in her profile that she likes cooking puppies!!!

come on guys only three more so before she reads this she a host

she can have my vote too! thats if she wants to do it???

Looks like I have started a trend

Aye for Sincere

for this beautiful maiden, a most definate yes !

Uncle Fester

You are kidding, she only lives round the corner from me and would be round here to give me a kick if I am bad!! Booo!!

she gets my vote

And mine! Everyone that’s been up so far has had mine, I just didn’t get round to posting because I’ve been lazy :mightily embarrassed:

well id like to congratulate sincere on becomeing a host

Well done sincere …


And one “splet” vote from me too…how manys that we are voting for now??? my memorys not what it was …ha ha