"Simple" insurance renewal.

About two or so weeks before my insurance was due for renewal, I called Express for my renewal quote and, by the way, where is my renewal reminder paperwork?

Too early to call. O.K. be with you 14 days before. O.K.

(Car renwal, different company, came through 28 days before due.)

Ring again a week or so later. “We’ll get it out in the post to you.” (Or similar.)

Start to get new quotes on the grounds I aint convinced.

Ring again. Insist on a renewal quote. It’s not too bad. Ask for that and associated paperwork by post. “We’ll get it out first class today, should be with you after the Easter holiday.” (Or similar.)

Get a phone call on Thursday from Express to let me know my insurance expires that day. Er… Isn’t this a bit late?

Explain that three long phone calls on a premium rate site (boy, do they play that game) is two too many and I’ve gone elsewhere but I still need the paperwork, please.

Well. The post is damned good where I live and it aint shown up yet.

Anybody else had problems like this with Express Insurance Co?


(Email to the Cief Exec. will be sent this weekend if the paperwork is not dropping through the door tomorrow.)

My contract with Express Insurance finished last week.
I found Hasting £300 cheaper so no renew with Express.
I ask for the NCB certificate which I received after few days, but it was wrong (they wrote down 2 years rather than 3). So I call and they recognize the error. But after calling again to have the correct certificate nothing happen. At the moment I have a wrong certificate and it looks like they are not sending a new one.

Advice (based on my experience): avoid them


i took out insurance with them to start in 2 weeks, they sent me the paper work and i found all sorts of stuff wrong and lots of nasty clauses.

i used my 14 day cooling off right to cancel, i hadn’t even been on cover

when will i get my money back?

6 to 8 weeks they told me.

got my NCB certificate!! and it is correct