Simple (?) engine repair

Following my recent off, ( I now need to replace my alternator cover to get the bike back on the road.
As you can see in the following pic, 2 small holes opened in the cover as the bike slid down the road.

I am considering doing the job myself, as hopefully its just a case of changing the cover.

However I have a question that is really bothering me:

Do I need to worry about debris having entered the engine as it slid down the road? I guess there are two kinds of debris that I need to think about - general grit/ dirt from the road and then the actual aluminium casing itself.
I notice that on the right hand hole, the sliver of aluminium has peeled off inwards, but is still attached.
I guess that means a similar piece has peeled off inwards from the left hand hole, but it does not seem to be attached. What should I do if I cant see the piece when I take the cover off?

Anyone out there done the same/ similar repair? Any hidden problems to be aware of?


usually the drain bolts are magnetic, you may get away with it just bein stuck on the end. But I’m not sure if its on the right side. (just genral guess really lol) You’ll probably be changing the oil over anyway so thatll flush most of it out?

Where do you buy these aluminium magnets from?:w00t:

The case you have wrecked covers your alternator which is sealed away from the main workings of the engine and gearbox. You may struggle to get the case off due to the magnetic pull but it will come away with a bit of encouragement.

You need to make sure that the windings and wiring of the alternator internals are not damaged, give it all a good clean up and replace all the magnets into the new case.

Good luck:)

Nice one, thanks a lot for the advice. Feel a lot better now that I know that that doesnt open straight into the darkest depths of the engine!

Will let you know how I get along.

I assume specific torque settings on the casing are not required.

i assume that the alternator is inside there ?

if it is WATCH YOUR FINGERS , when you go to put it back it will be attracted by the magnet and slam the gap shut …trust me it hurts and you will only do it once

so don’t have your fingers in the way

Great advice, thanks! That would have almost certainly have caught me out. Get the parts in a couple of days so should be on it soon.