Simoncelli faces the spanish inquisition*

*(with an italian and an aussie fill in)




Simonc - I don’t care about one little Spainiard. Oh, shit!

I do about this one; he’s a gutsy rider with a lot of ability :cool:

Simonchelli has now wrecked his title hopes this year, and this snip from the Beeb’s Matt Roberts column is interesting

While there is a school of thought that Pedrosa could have done more to prevent his own downfall, there is no denying Simoncelli was at fault. Indeed, at a time when the former 250cc world champion has been under fire from his contemporaries for his aggressive riding, even his most vocal ally, compatriot Valentino Rossi, admitted that: “This time, Simoncelli was too hard.”

Ben Spies called it a “pretty dumb move”, while Lorenzo, who was banned for a 250cc race after wiping out Alex de Angelis at Motegi in 2005, felt the punishment should have been even harsher.

“The most logical thing (and equivalent to the damage caused) would be to not let him race until Pedrosa is 100% fit again,” he tweeted.

When he hospitalizes (or worse) someone, it will be too late.