Silvertone today - my first proper day track day

Yeah so went to silverstone today and didn’t really know what to expect. But once settled in and the nerves where gone i had a great time and my pace picked up as my riding relaxed.

If anyone is thinking about doing there first trackday and is worried about binning it, being to slow, or any of the other simliar worries which go around then i would give the following advice.

Traffic - not really an issue, i was one of the faster in the group and i had noone get in my way or do anything stupid, i gave people plenty of space when overtaking, and people where generally the same in return, i just relaxed and was patient.

Binning it - well there is always an chance you could get it wrong, so chill out get to know the track and relax, there will def be people slower and faster than you, ride at your own pace and try not to get red misted or to start racing people. There are good run offs a silvertone, so if your going a bit quick and need options then you do have them, not that that is something which you should really be considering but its good to know.

I had a really good day and im def gunna book a couple more, any of the more experience guys recommend anything??

I think its much safer to do this that be hammering around the b roads, not that i dont love the b roads, but its much safer as theres no cars coming the other way!

Yet to do mine… more about money issues than anything else:w00t: just can’t stop spending it:hehe:

good darts with your first trackday! as for another one, well there’s rockingham next monday with Hottrax, bargain at £69!

Plan to do my first one some point this summer. Do you need to book or just turn up on the day?

to guarantee a place, pre book. can do this online/over the phone via the trackday organiser. however you could risk it and turn up (either at the beginning of the day or halfway though) and see about getting on then.

well I’m doing Brands on the 19th and snetterton on 22nd and 23rd it you fancy it!

Glad you enjoyed it fella. Got your eye on any others?