Silvertone GP September 28th 2020Focused Event £159

As stated in the title, following an after good day on my georgous newly painted (one off street fighter style by Lee) track bike at Rockingham despite the pain of riding with a half mended left broken leg; I am looking at trying the new Silverstone GP layout.

I am waiting for the end of September for this one hoping that the weather pattern observed over the last 4/5 years continue which should give us a dry and bright day (although riding in what was in all but name a swimming pool yesterday was fplenty un as Lee and myself relay each other on the wets equipped 675 for 90 minutes as the track was so wet and so few of us stayed that they changed the format to open pit lane :D)

Anyone else interested?

Let me get Brands on thursday out of the way first then i will look at my diary work wise and see if i can muster the urge to join you:)

arh i wanna come but its the day before our freshers event :crying:

Booked for the 14th instead sorry.

No issue
I didn’t book yet so switching

ooooh 14th, now i may be able to do that but wont know till weds/thurs next week!