Silverstone & WSB 26th June

I’ve just seen that you CANNOT buy advance tickets just for the Sunday.

You can buy an advance 3 day ticket which, at £40 is reasonable value but if you want to or can only attend on the Sunday then you’ll be ‘penalised’ and have to fork out £45 on the gate!!!

Personally I think that its totally out of order. Most people work Fridays and a lot of people also work Saturdays.

Neither Donnington, Brands or Oulton Park run such a stupid system.

I’ve emailed Silverstone to ask for an explaination and will let ya know if I get a reply and what they say.

Hrm, not very reasonable is it.

My brain hurts - you do mean May don’t you?

Hope you sort it but we can’t make that one

The circuit systems are weird - different child ages for each one

oooooooooops . . . yeah dude, my bad . . . I meant May . .