Silverstone with the Virgin Media Camp

Hey folks, this is the full coverage of the BSB weekend at Silverstone from the Virgin Media Team. We film with all the teams that Rob Mac run from 125 and Virgin MEdia R6 Cup, through to the Supersport and Superbike Teams.

Hope you like!

Toby, that is absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed watching it, very fly-on-the-wall. You get to see real behind the scenes stuff. I hold Tommy Hill in high regard, I hope he goes on to better things!

The 1200kbps video was fab, full-screen, widescreen and it looked great. Superb effort.

Cheers man

We live and breath that stuff at the weekend. It’s such a privilige. WE’re invited into the inner workings of a pro-team, wehre else can you do that…certainly not in the world of cars…