Silverstone Trackday

Hi folks, I am returning to these mighty fine forums after a few years out of biking and wondered if anyone had any track days planned.

I am potentially looking at silverstone on either the 23rd August or the 1st September.

Anyone else have anything planned?

Look forward to meeting up with some of you soon at one of the meets.

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I have an R1M Masterclass booked for the 11th of September. Can’t wait!

Yep I am booked onto the 31st August and 11th September days!

There is also one on the 8th October… come and say hi. I will be on a Ducati 959 Panigale.

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I was at Silverstone just before the F1. Had a brilliant day. It was my first visit since the resurfacing :+1:

I’ve only got Estoril booked for a months time … but think I’ll have to cancel on Tuesday! :disappointed:


Coincidently my mates are talking today about going back on the 1st …

This is me out front. Wasn’t for long though! Those instructor R1’s are brutal fast :flushed:


Nice one @Gavin.WDS! I’m well jel.

Nice pic.

How was your masterclass?

I was there on the 11th September. Did you see the dead hare on track?

Flipping heck it was massive.

It was utterly awesome! First time on track and first time properly riding a supersport bike.

Started out really excited when I arrived and had my first session, then as we picked up the pace and added things to think about I got a bit nervous. Clipped my boot on the tarmac at one point and shit myself :joy:. Also at one point a guy cut in on me on the sharpest corner causing my to grab for the front brake in shock and have a little wobble.

All great learning experiences. The last two sessions were fantastic, grew in confidence and technique a lot. My teacher was ace, very friendly and patient, instilled calm and wisdom. Strongly recommend the masterclass.

@Gavin.WDS shame we didn’t spot each other! I want to go again, but doubt I’ll get that in before the end of the season. I also need to figure out what to do bike wise because renting an R1 is like £450 :scream:.

How was the day for you?


Congrats dude! Seeing this gives me the itch. Need to get back out on track. Wonder if these guys have any more days this year.

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Sounds ace.

I think that is an unforgivable sin on a track day with beginners. Your wobble could easily result in an off.

If the guy is that fast he should go around the outside. If he’s not fast enough to do that, he’s not fast enough.

Yeh I was pretty pissed in the moment it happened, as well as frightened.

I’m certain it’s against the rules to cut across someones line if you’re behind them… Not on, and especially so in the novice group as you say.

It depends on what rules are being followed. I’ve done track days organised by some mates and that was one of the rules they insisted on. If they caught anyone doing it he would be banned for the rest of the day. There were a lot of newbies, like me, on the circuit and yes it would be spooky.

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