Silverstone Trackday Pictures

Had a trackday at Silverstone on the National Circuit today. We got about 10 miles from Silverstone this morning when it started raining. Great! Luckily it only last five or ten minutes and then stopped. The damage, however, had been done; the ground was nicely wet Anyway, the first session was wet, the second damp and the other four were all dry! The sun poked through mid-morning, and although it was cold it had completely dried the track by lunch time. It didn’t seem to be stopping people from binning their bikes though, and every other session seemed to consist of a red flag!

For me it was the first time on my track R6, and (I’m very please and relieved to say) it behaved awesomely, just what I was after; very planted and lots of grunt for a 600.

Can’t wait for the spring again to get some more days in now!





Looking good Silver! Glad you kept those tires warm Bet you’re loving the R6, eh? hehe.

Nice pictures and nice helmet

Silver, you know one modification which I think the R6 is begging for, and will improve your track experience no end? LB stickers! People will come and talk to you, and you’ll feel much more confident on the bike, giving you an extra one or two seconds per lap, easy! What do ya reckon?

The LB Pimp strike’s again.

Hahaha! How does one acquire these mythical stickers?

On the tyre front, the kept surprisingly warm but I think that was helped by the two nice big straights on the National Circuit!

Glad it dryed up and you had a good time. Rode the full circuit this year for the first time, its awesome.

Silverstone is a great circuit, though I’ve not ridden the national circuit, just the GP and International ones. I prefer the International myself, it’s more bike-friendly. I’ve ridden it a number of times (and fallen off there, once).

Get the stickers from:

Looking good Silver

Yea nice pictures Silver, looking good mate. Love the R6 Track Bike!!! Glad everything went ok and tyres keep warm, especially in November when its usually rather cold…