Silverstone today report..

Gp stars day with chirs walker john reynolds steve plater , whitham and mackenzie

well turned out to be a great day out!! and worth the extra 30 quid…

the day didnt start to well, i had a feeling my rear ractec was mashed but didnt realize how bad it was untill after the first session.

every time i got on the gas hard it was stepping out and by the end of the day fair size chunks where coming of it on the hanger strait!! another rider told me he was getting chunks in the face every time he got close to me.

didnt have the cash for a new boot so just had to ride the day out within the limits.

they put in a new chicane instead of the fast left before bridge corner with a slight off chamber right hand exit which the knackered rear tyre didnt like one bit.

as ever Da artist and mike were duffing each other up on track… well more Da artist stuffing in down the inside off mike forcing him to stand the bike up :slight_smile:

towards the end off the day i thought id follow them round .

i come around a corner and see da artist and think … err the track doesnt go that way… ohhhh sh!t as a realize im about to follow him for a spot of grass/dirt track action…

managed to pull it together and start to make the long right before the hanger strait thinking must not look at da artist… must not loook…

but i can see him out the corner of my eye coming strait back onto the track infront of me and im about to t bone him…

thank good for brembo!! :slight_smile:

ok so im not going to follow Da and mike again…

still we all had fun nothing got broke and we all went home happy…

and that what its all about!

got 20mins 1 to 1 with chris walker to!!

me and another guy went out with chris walker but the poor guy broke down first lap

leaving me all alone with the stalker!!

he just went faster and faster and faster… all the time making it look like he was on the way to the shops!!! the bugger :hehe:

we caught up with john reynolds who was with 2 other slower guys and stalker and reynolds started mucking about having a little dust up, almost shoulder barging each other

all the time clearing off!! i managed to cling on for dear life while the messed about!

still picked up a few things from chris

i learned some new lines and i learned that me on my limit is chris walker on the way to the shops…

with one hand on the bars…

looking over his shoulder…

whitham and mackenzie were funny as ever…

shameless picture whoring from the day

you lucky, lucky b*gger!!! I’m so jealous.

what you want to t bone clinton? :w00t:

hahaha, nope. Your time with the Stalker :wink:

Sounds like a great day :cool:

Nice one for the write up Adz; makes me hungry for my next trackday.

Sounds like you’ll be thanking Clinton for proving that master cylinder was worth the money!!! Good to hear you could all ride the bikes back home.

Can imagine how unbelievable it must’ve been following Chris Walker around; you lucky git!

yup well worth the extra 30 notes

Atsushi Watanabe and rizla suzuki where there testing also.

why are these racers all like 5 foot 1? chris is tiny so is whitham they all are!!

Great knee down Adam, can you teach me that? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the pics Adz:cool: Lucky you were not at Cadwell Park, we wouldn’t have seen you with all that camoflage:D I’ll have to lend you some of my woolens:D

Not many riders can say they caught John Reynolds on track though. Jamie Whitham is hilarious, he’s got so many funny stories to tell, his new book is on my shopping list.

A few lessons learned on track, but that’s what it’s all about and having fun at the same time.

Great pics there man, sounds like you had a grat day, shame about the tyre though…

Sounds like a great day Adz!

Green with envy re Walker, appropriate eh?:slight_smile:

well brian maybe ill paint the bike cammo too coz you may not see me but you can always see a yellow bike…

looking forward to getting out on the track with you on the 30th :cool:

its was crazy following chis, such an eye opener… how can he go in so tight, turn so late and hit the apex perfect…

my past few track days have been really good, i havent really been pushing my limits much or going any faster but iv had more fun!!

and off the track had a good crack with the guys iv been one the day with.


How goes it mate, great day yesterday, gutted about missing those laps with Chris but thought I’d leave you to a 1 2 1!! :wink: Driving around today feels like everyone is travelling about 5mph that track is soooooo fast!

Hopefully get on track with you again soon.



alright nev was a pleasure hanging out with you dude

bad luck with the foor rest but i think it was ment to be me and the stalker!! :w00t:

look at the 30th july silverstone again and see if your free you welcome to join us

I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to make it mate. Let me know who and when to pay!

Sounds wicked Adz. I want to get back to Silverstone, fab track! Just need to gather some pennies first :frowning:

well… book one.

nice work Ad