Silverstone this weekend


Anyone going? And no please don’t turn this into a whinge about ticket prices/preferring Donington etc. After the crazy Austrian GP for me, being there is a must.


Oh I would have but I have visitors.

Are you taking part in the women’s parade lap on saturday?


I am doing the parade lap, and I’m volunteering at Day of Champions too. :blush:


Nope.  Enjoy.


I’m going to try and get up there on the Friday for the practice laps and then watch the actual race from the comfort of my sofa.


Daughters birthday is Friday and we have to celebrate it.  Wife’s is straight after the weekend, so have to celebrate that too. Son’s was two days ago.  Plasterer in today, roofer in today too, so the money tree is dead, very very very very dead…Or I would love to go!!


I’m there Friday, albeit working then off to brands for sat/sun working too.


As I said in another thread, if anyone knows of a General Admission ticket going free, please let me know :slight_smile: