Silverstone this wednesday


we are doing Silverstone GP this Wednesday, its gaz’s birthday hes 40, so just seeing if anyone else want to come along or is going anyway?

Aww would love to do my local track again but it’s going to be well hectic this week at work, say Happy Birthday!

Your a knob

papa smurf!!!:smiley:

yep im there :smiley:

you will be proud when u see what i have done to the blade monk!

Ill have a butchers at it wednesday mate :smiley:

i see your gunna sell yours, got a price in mind yet?

$1m raises little finger to the corner of his mouth

why do i keep picturing Gaz and chuckleing to myself?

18 degrees according to the BBC…you jammmy bastids!!

I might pop in if that is ok, never been to Silverstone and am riding out to Oxford on Wednesday anyway.

the more the merrier!!

Sold mate,got to get it back from Almeria next trip and send new beast out there

nice im not jealous at all honest:cool:

Hey mate, I may take a blast up the m1 in the morning to see you guys… If I can get up in the morning:)

You jammy buggers have got a lovely day for it! I am jellous :frowning:

Ok not gonna make it, but it’s a GORGEOUS day. Have fun guys:)

epic day, really enjoyed it, those 125 where so fast, it totally blew me away. as for the bsb boys!:smiley: