Silverstone Open Pitlane.. semi..

Has anyone done an open pitlane event?
Sounds like a better day than waiting for your turn to come around??

Anyone from here going??

I’ve done a load of open pitlane in Europe and a handfull in the UK.

In the UK it seems to depend on who signs up. Some have been great and some have been very frustrating.

This date at Silvertown isn’t really open pit, it’s just a 2 group day.

In a way, that’s better.

Ok cool - thanks for the advice Pete.

Think im going to book it anyway :slight_smile:

Just hope the weather gets better and i take full advantage of the 170 spondoolie price tag.


i MIGHT be up for this, the track is great i was there 2 weeks ago, but i might not be able to get the time off work.

Do it!

I’m trying to rally some more troops…

Also, i did the old circuit last year - whats the new “arrow head” section like??

the new arrow head is great, I was there with rixxy…very fast track you need 30 mins just to get going, so the semi pitlane is a good idea.