Silverstone (Novice day) - 12th October

Hi there, this is my first post on the forum so please be gentle.

Am a new rider, and was thinking of booking in for the Street Sport 1 day on the 12th at Silverstone. I saw the review someone wrote up on the forum - which was very well written! Anyway, if anyone wants to look (relatively) good, this is a prime chance to lap me multiple times as I wobble around my first trackday.


I’m thinking of attending this too. Isn’t this the Ron Haslam School day?

Yep that’s the one - think it’s probably a good option for easing me into speeds above 50mph!

Anyone got a link?
I have yet to do a track day although tight funds will probably make it impossible for me to make this.

Dig deep! I promise you, it will be better than any roller coaster you have ever tried…:hehe:

need to fork out on leathers first! damn it! soooo tempting.

Ron Haslam school is great way to do first track day and silverstone is great circuit - you will enjoy it :smiley:

Oh **** yeah… Me too

I’m sure!
As polisher just pointed out I need leathers too.

I might be able to scrape the money out for leathers… But not both lol

How much is a cow these days?
Could try strapping one to my back…

Bear in mind, you don’t really get to choose the pace. I would say you might want to get a little track time in first if you’re very cautious of this. It’s good in that it forces you to go the speed that the instructor knows the bike can do, but it got me in trouble at a couple of corners. :blush:

Ron Haslem courses are able to supply the kit …

Recently got some leathers - but I did pick up a spare set if anyone is really really into 1993…

Think it will be a great day, have little to no experience of riding around at speed, apart from the odd blast on the motorway, but have to start somewhere!

Check out our report we made from the first event (Features) to see what the skinny is with it.

Also, they’ve offered us a 10% discount on a group booking of 10 or more. Someone will have to be point man on it, but that’s a tank of fuel for free I guess.

arise old thread!
for anyone who ended up going to this if you made it past lunchtime and especially if you rode the last session I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find photographic evidence of yourself on a racetrack here. Lots to get through but you can try searching by colour, or let me know what to look for :wink: