Silverstone National Circuit Monday 20th of July 2009 with Hottak

Weather looks ok so far… Anyone wanna join me

Click here for the booking page

Novice is fully booked so only inter and fast applies… :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again, it is easier to get 12 Daytona 675 on a track than it is to get more than 1 LB member at the time.
Very very disappointing performance here from this site members…
I am starting to think that most here either do not ride at all or just from there home to the Ace on Fridays and to BMM on Wednesday. :angry:

anyways, was a good day, track stayed dry all day and after the first 3 sessions I managed to get my head around the track (not quiet mastered the chicane but it won’t be ther enext year so I do not care) and start to have fun chassing the front of the pack…:cool:





Most of us have jobs and not as much money as you mate…

Soon you will get that knee down… :slight_smile:

My knee is going down in very corner but the chicane thank you very much:)… the photographer just can’t get me at the right time because I am so fast :w00t:

Got only to KD corpes in the afternoon though as it took me 3 sessions to appreciate that fast & blind corner…

Hehe cool, was going by the wear rate of the left slider… :wink:

You can show me round donnington, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Sorry chief, would have come but was at Cadwell.:wink: