Silverstone March 12th

Anyone else up for Silverstone March 12th with Focused Events, 1st UK trackday for me refresh back from Almeria with Rixxy and Gaz.:D:D:D:P:P:w00t:

sounds alright to me, is it the new gp circuit?


will be my first ever trackday so watch out for a fatlad wobbling around on a barge (blackbird) :w00t::w00t:ooooh Im all excited now :):slight_smile:

Anyone got the weather forecast for march handy? :stuck_out_tongue:

just as long as its not snowing :smiley:

weeman - yes its the GP with Focused Events.

Cool - look out for me I’ll be on a blue R6 track bike with lots of Stars…

Alex - Far as I know its going to be 20c and a beautiful sunny day!..

irrelevant sorry but do you need to have full leathers to be allowed on a trackday?

Yes. :smiley: 1 piece or 2 piece with full zip together.

Ah. Guess I’m gonna have to fork out for those first :frowning:
I’m a right lanky git as well so finding some that fit at a decent price is gonna be tricky…

If you set up an ebay search you might get lucky before march, although you’ll doubtless not get as great a bargain as my brilliant coloured leathers :smiley:

hope the weather holds :slight_smile:

if I leave my panniers on no bugger get past :D:D:D

Hello mate! Have you guys booked defo ? I’ve not done a trackday and would like to tag along even if it’s to watch and learn. Also are any of you riding up there?

yup I’ve deffo booked…late crimbo pressy to myself :smiley:

got bike booked for new fork springs, rear shock, will overhaul the brakes as well, needs doing anyway before holidays :):slight_smile:

Will you be riding there and back? Or transporting bikes with a van etc?

riding as its just up road from me :slight_smile:

Mines a track bike, so I’ll be vaning it up with my pit crews (wife and Daughter!!)

Its only an hour from London…well worth the drive.

Steve I’ve got W0W, but I’m sure for the middle of March the weather will be fine, but saying that my first track day of the 2010 at brands it pissed it down…and my last one at Silverstone rained aswell, but it was the middle of November ha ha!

I also have a black Nissian van, so feel free to give me a shout, or PM me nearer the time and I’ll give you my number to share a garage, I’m trying to talk Rixxy into booking it aswell…but he’s being a girl and wants to watch the weather as he doesn’t want to get wet ha ha!

If i was going as slow as u it wouldn’t matter what the weather was doing!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:

didn’t you only do one session anyway…and then went home because you we’re to tired my little Teddy bear.:w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t: oh and your visor kept getting steamed up ha ha!

Anyway just book it you need the practise in the rain…!!!

the count down has began for Almeria 8 weeks and counting :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

got my confirmation Email today so its all systems go for the bloater to take to the track :D:D

who else has booked then ? :slight_smile:

you’re sure the weather will be fine? the first bsb race at brands last year was snowed out!

I’d never leave the wow’s at home, even with a good forcast. its england…:rolleyes: