Silverstone Internationall Bank Hol Mon 28th. Anyone else going?

Just booked the last place! Going on my tod. Let me know if you’re going.

Track days are an expensive addiction!

They certainly are. Have fun and be safe, oh and get some photos

I’ll be there too. On my own as well.

Look out for a yellow and black GSXR 600 (or possibly white with a yellow and black tank, if I can get my track fairings on in time! :confused. I’m booked into novices. Give me a shout if you see me.


I’ll look out for you! I’ll be on my old black/silver/yellow CBR6. You riding up or in a van? Night before or in the morning?

I am driving up in the morning in my van. I did it about a month ago and it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience (I’m not a morning person) but I think it will be less hassle than finding somewhere to stay nearby on a bank holiday.

Sorry, I should have asked: How/when are you planning on heading up. I presume you are going up from london?

I’m also going on my own, Blue/white gixxer look forward to meeting you

hi guys come find us too me and westy 11 will be there with others, come and say hi, look for red & white 2007 R1.

pete “r1fan” on plate

Was thinking of staying up there the night before but reckon you could be right on finding somewhere to stay. Going up this Thursday for a CSS day and staying but had a quick phone round and as you say there’s nothing for the bank holiday w/e. Shouldn’t take long to nip up there on the bike that time of the morning. Give me chance to wake up too!

Fingers crossed this doesn’t change guys!!


It doesn’t look good.

Sh1t! Oh well I guess lots of ‘tender technique’. And I need to get over my fear of wet cornering too!

we got our money back for this one as it was not run so it’s worth a phone call to focused !

Me too, I just got it transfered. They could have used the ‘weather not our fault’ card but they’ve been really good about it.

they woul;d of trust me but as silverstone cancelled it they couldn’t . thats why we rang silverstone first to make sure no one went on track , if just one group went out they were gona tell us no money back