Anybody gonna do the track day at silverstone in March with hottrax?

Its the new moto gp track.

I’d definitley be up for that, what dates and how much is it?

Looks good, very fast - just the place for a naked shopping bike!

yup me and the artist will be there :wink: 115 quid 29th march

so whos in for this?

so far we have

Me AKA “Adz/half race bike half rat bike!”
The Artist AKA “clinton/im not going to crash this time!”
Mad Mike AKA “eat my RSV4 dust!!”

If my GSX-R rebuild is finished by then, then I’ll be up for this.

HA!!! WAT DID YOU SAY IN UR GARAGE!!! NUMBTY :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh? :unsure:

just some thing adz said whilst i was droping off an engine :wink:

will be booking this up 1st week in febuary

will keep it on the consider list if you boys are going, not sure i’ll be able to afford another day off by then tho (will have had 3 weeks off in 2010 at that point!)

i’m booking today once i’ve been granted the day off :slight_smile:

Thanks for the text Kev. Very tempting. I was thinking about Anglesey on the bank holiday weekend. What groups are people doing? Inters now sold out.

im booked, me clinton mike and kev are booked in fast group hopefully jonesy will book to.

lets hope for good weather!

ill have a drop of that if you guys dont mind my tagging along,once i chose what bike to buy right now its between rsv or r1…whens the latest you have to book it

Cool, the old school crew. Haven’t seen you guys for a while. I’ve booked and had a word with a couple of mates so hopefully two more to follow shortly.

I’ve got myself booked on this in the Novice group.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I’d be up for this, that’s IF the new bike is ready!!! love Silverstone, be interesting to see how different it will be from the old GP Circuit. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice this is shaping up to be a good day :slight_smile:

booked into fast group :smiley: