Silverstone GP - FE - Monday 9th June

Looks like I’ll be doing Silverstone again, Monday 9th June.

Not decided to join Novice or Inters just yet…

Anyone interested?

Interested as it’s my local but it’s way away! Want to do a few before then!

Whoops double post

I`m interested in this. also cadwell on the Friday before (6th) at £99. could be a good weekend.:slight_smile:

Will hooning around the Pyrannees then !!!

I may…

My BIRTHDAY on the 10th June, so will start to drop subtle hints to the wifie !!!

Will you go up the night before Andy?

I’m in!!

Nice one, would be cool if you could make it.

Not sure about night before. Could do, but I don’t think you can camp at Silverstone like you can some tracks. From me in Barnet, it’s only a 1 hour 15 minute drive though.

Well done :slight_smile: I assume you’ll book inters? I guess I’d better join you there. No lapping me though!

Yes, Inters for me; join me, it’ll be fun!!

always fancied doing Silverstone GP, but will wait till its warmer I think. :slight_smile: Havent been on track for 4 years now.

Surely June will be warm enough? I don’t particularly want to do it in blazing heat… could kill me!

Okay Laurence, I’ll do Inters too :ermm:

I’m out, doing Donny now!

NO can do, i got a one direction gig on :angry:

i feel your pain, but it could be worse. it could be Justin Bieber. :smiley:

Haven’t you heard Rixxy is a Blieber :slight_smile:

Woohoo!! :slight_smile:

yeah , thinking about it , it probably will be warm enough then, but just been told I’m going on holiday the week before which will blow the budget :crying:

A track is pretty much a one direction gig…wouldn’t go round it the other way…

Still a couple of spaces if anyone fancied it…