Silverstone GP bank holiday monday 09/04/2007


so im gonna book this shortly as its bank holz and places will go fast…

Sticking it up here to see if i can rope anyone else in…

If anyones up for it i can take 2 bikes as well as mine with the help pauls trailer.

1 in my van and 2 out back.

If you havent been to silverstone DO IT NOW its a wicked track, realy realy fast but also good for first timers as its VERY BIG and wide with loads of space to get you out the sh1t

post up if you fancy it.

i know its a long way off but if we can get a few we can get a discount.

OK so names so far.

Adam (adz) (booked) GSX-R 750 K5

Fridayman on adz trailer (booked) GSX-R 750 K6

Jaymbee (booked) GSX-R 750 K5

Ness on adz trailer (booked) GSX-R 600 K6

Danno (booked) GSX-R 750 k4

juggernaut (booked) GSX-R 1000

GSXRAng and hubby (booked)

Jonny B … ( Booked!!! )Yammy R1

baldfantastic (booked)

Trigger(booked) DUCATI 750

Adamsky (booked) Yammy R6?

Shewolf (booked) Yammy R6 2005

Tim4665 (booked) Yammy R1 99

weeannie takin pics and watchin!!

Trisckie (maybe) watchin to!!

And loverly Lusty cheering us on

and B LB’s focused events instructor !! GSX-R 750 K5

A few of us were talking about doing our first trackday next year.

Not sure about dates though, got a few things on.

Count me in, we had better book it sooner rather than later, just checked this morning and there are 39 places left

See you out on track soon Adz…good to see you`re still addicted

I might join you here, just need to sort out other dates first.

I’m in

Will see if Ness wants to come too.

i’m interested buddy - gonna speak to the boys i normally head down with and see what they’ve got on the cards.

really fancy silverstone!

Brian realy hope you can join us, I WILL get on the track with you at some point this year

Friday let me know if you want to come up with me in the van.

Im going to book this when my wages come threw in a few weeks coz like i said it will sell out fast.

maybe we can get jay to come along to.

Cheers Adz. Ness is in too, so if you have space we will be happy to drive up with you.

Someone is coming to pick up the XT tomorrow, then I will have cash to book our spots.


bah i cant wait already!!

your second time to so you can come play in inters with me!!!

Mmm… I was wondering about which group to book. I’m also considering booking an instructor…?

IMO “good” tuition is essential for fast improvement in a safe way rather than learning by trial and error. It`s also good to get into the right habits now rather than spending twice as long correcting them later.

Id suggest going into the the group which your comfortable with, you dont want to have riders flying by distracting you as you`ll need that extra concentration for learning. If for example your too quick for the novice group then they can normally move you up Fridayman.

Are you guys allowing spectators to come along?

Just turn up any time during the day LF, everyone is welcome and it`s free to get in.

Thank you, I’ll see you guys there then.

Cheers B - do you know who is instructing on this day, and do you recommend anyone in particular? Also will FE let us share an instructor between two of us? 4 people seems quite a lot per instructor.

Not sure whos instructing on this day but will nearer the time and if im not there ill put you in touch with the appropriate instructor. If im there ill be happy to look after you. Thats a good point Fridayman, sometimes 4 pupils to one instructor can be stretched. I`ll speak to Focused and see if other options can be arranged.

Thanks. I’ll hold of booking the instructor until you have spoken to them.

Also just read the Brands thread - we could always book you if you wanted to come to Silverstone?

Do any of you know how quickly 2CT’s let go? Do they slide first, or just let go all at once?

Theres no rush to book an instructor yet if youre unsure, this can be done at the last minute if you like. I`ve just left a message with Focused about the possibility of one to two tuition, will let you know.

Re 2cts, theyre good tyres and grip well. But you get much less feedback from them and warning when they`re going to let go rather than the brilliant Supercorsas which inspire loads of confidence with the “feel” and grip.

How do you rate the Supercorsas against the Racetecs?