Silverstone GP - £80 with NL

i see there’s a fair few folk attending the silverstone GP track on the 12th but is anyone going on the 02/03/2011?
bargain at £80, metcheck are predicting it to be dry.

Wow … that does sound tempting!! Are you signed on already?

yes mate im all booked on.
i’ll hopefully be in garage 6c along with a few from trackdayriders if you fancy coming along as well.

May pop in and see ya fella as im in the area :w00t:

Grand - thanks! I’ve taken a day off work, and booked in. I’ve done Brands a few times, and Stowe with Focused, but look forward to Silverstone GP

See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

i shall see you both tomorrow.
will be in garage 6c along with a load of other members.
i’ll have a europcar/national hire van outside.

Cool day at Silverstone - literally! - thanks Vala!

This morning was dry, but absolutely freezing. Couldn’t feel fingers or toes by the time I got to Silverstone! We all managed a couple of morning sessions, though even the Instructors could only cope with a few laps before heading in.

The afternoon was different, sun coming out and track warming. A great day out, especially for only £80. Great to meet you all there.

Hope to see you all at another track day soon!

PS - hope the bike prang is fixed easily too! :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Just registered! Great day. Nice to meet new people. Let us know whens the next or I will.

ps. VERY sorry to the guy who followed me part way home. My sat nav went nutts, blew all the lights on my bike and sent me back a very long route home!

Hi there - that was me, thanks! :slight_smile: Sorry to hear your bike was under under the weather, though I thought to just fly down the M40 in the end as had to join friends for some dinner. Hope to see you at another track day or rideout soon